Adventure Elopement Photographer for Wild Couples in Wild Places. 

I help kick ass humans get married in wildly personal ways in some of the most beautiful places on Earth - and take the photos that make sure these moments are never forgotten!


I help adventurous couples have intentional elopements in the Colorado mountains and locations across the globe and make sure those memories are never forgotten!

About me

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Whether you're planning an epic elopement in the Colorado mountains or a laid-back, outdoor-inspired day with all of your family and friends, I'll come along, help you plan, document all the big little moments along the way, and make sure you have the best day of your life in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

How it works

Fancy ballrooms were never really your style.

What if instead of perfect table settings, cringe-worthy traditions, and society's expectations you began your marriage in a way that was true to who YOU are?

Maybe that's hiking to the top of a mountain to say your vows. Maybe its renting a little cabin in the woods and celebrating the day with your family and friends. Either way, you CAN have a day that is true to who you are.

All you need is the courage to buck tradition ... and an experienced enabler to help you along the way.

(Right there with you, friend!)

I'm here to lead you through the process, be your adventure buddy on the big day, and capture it all as it goes down.

The mountains are my home and nature is my playground - I can't wait to help you get married in some of my favorite places!

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Custom Location Suggestions

Whether you want to elope in Colorado or somewhere across an ocean (or you have no idea!), I have an obsessively long list of mind-blowingly beautiful places that will set the perfect backdrop for the best day of your life.

How I help guide you to your perfect day ... 

Personalized Elopement Planning

Chances are you've never done this before but trust me when I say I've been there for a few of these! I'll plan a day designed just for you and help iron out the details to make it super easy ... and awesome! 

Authentic photos that tell your story well. 

I believe in my heart that elopements are NOT about photos (even though we take some badass photos!). This is about marrying your person in an incredible place and having the photos so you NEVER forget what that felt like.

The photos will tell the story of your day ... not BE the story of your day.

"We could not have asked for a better photographer for our elopement. Jen was absolutely incredible!"

- Brittney + Skylar


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We're going to make this easy and epic. I can't wait to start planning your day!

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