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Two brides in wedding dresses snuggle in the snow on top of mountain at Colorado adventure elopement

I help trailblazing couples go against the grain and have a once in a lifetime experience for this once in a lifetime day.

Bride and groom in wedding clothes snuggle in the mountains surrounded by pine and aspen trees at Colorado elopement

(And do it in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.)

Just for a second …


Let go of the limits. Let go of the expectations. Just for a moment let your imagination run wild.

Picture the day you get married – your DREAM day. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Who, if anyone, is there?

Imagine the wind blowing through your hair and that perfect light cascading across the landscape. You're standing in the most beautiful place you've ever been and you're about to commit to your partner. A lot of little moments led you to this big moment and you can't believe it's real. You can't freaking believe it's here.

You take a look around at the jaw-dropping beauty. You feel connected to all of it – to the moment you're in, to the ground on which you stand, and most of all, to the person you're about to do this thing with. In that moment absolutely everything is perfect.

You look back at your person. You take one more deep breath. And you do the damn thing.

But like … HOW DO i do this?!

Hi! I'm Jen Dz

I'm here to be the co-creator of the best damn day of your life.

As a Colorado elopement photographer I've helped hundreds of folks break out of the traditional wedding mold (damn it feels good to be free!) and have an unforgettable day that feels true to THEM.

Whether you're wanting to hike up a mountain with your dog, get married at a cabin in the woods surrounded by family, or fly to a foreign country with just your partner (and me, obviously!), I'm here to help make it happen!

I'm an avid traveler, crazy dog lady, and enabler of wild ideas in weddings and life. I'm based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and help couples do this thing at beautiful spots around the globe.

As seen in

Why My Couples Choose Me

Two brides cuddle in the snow at Breckenridge, Colorado elopement

My Inclusive Core Values

I photograph awesome humans. Period. (Ok, I also photograph a lot of awesome dogs t00 …).

Regardless of your shape, size, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or experience in the outdoors, I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera.

I am here to be a safe place for the two you to express yourselves and your love without judgment.

An Emphasis on the Experience

I believe in my heart that elopements, at their core, aren't about photos. This is NOT a photo shoot and the photos will always be secondary to the actual experience of the day. Over the last 6 years I've dialed in the art of planning extraordinary elopement and wedding experiences that manage to maximize both the photos AND the adventure!

couple eloping with dog gets passed by paddleboarders at Boulder hiking elopement

A Commitment to Leaving these Places Better than We Found Them

I was passionate about wild places long before I ever picked up a camera and that passion remains to this day. It is very important to me that the work that I do causes no harm to the nature or wildlife living there. I follow all Leave No Trace principles (and help my couples do the same!).

Groom and bride in black dress eat pizza next to a creek at Colorado elopement

Badass Photos with an Emphasis on Storytelling, Emotions, and Landscapes

I DESPISE cheesy wedding photos and will never put you in an awkward pose. This is all about real moments in beautiful places and capturing it all as it goes down. I was a landscape photographer long before I ever photographed my first wedding and a strong sense of place will always be a core part of my work.

Albums Included in All Full Day Elopement + Intimate Wedding Packages

I believe in my heart that your photos deserve to be printed. It's an unpopular opinion in the photography world but I stand by it! These photos are NOT just for your Instagram account – they're for you (and any lucky kids or dogs …) to enjoy for years to come. Which is why ALL full day packages include physical albums!

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“Everything about that day was magical.”

Kind Words

“For our elopement in Iceland Jen couldn't have been the more perfect photographer for us. Again, I'm not really into being in front of the camera, the center of attention, or even really into wedding/elopement stuff, but I think back to that day all the time and daydream about it and then look at Jen's pictures for the millionth time.”

– Stephanie + Alex

Recent Adventures

two brides walking in mountains at Colorado elopement
bride and groom in wedding clothes snuggling next to waterfall at telluride, colorado adventure elopement
bride and groom eloping next to a lake on a snowy fall day in Colorado

How to Plan Your Elopement

Everything you need to know wo have the most incredible elopement day!


Bride and groom in wedding clothes playing around next to bright blue lake at Colorado adventure elopement

Ready to do something crazy?

Your adventure starts when you fill out the contact form! We'll set up a time to chat, dream up some wild ideas, and I'll answer ALL your questions!

Don't know where to start? That's totally ok! That's what I'm here for.

bride and groom in wedding clothes in front of waterfall at Crested Butte, Colorado adventure elopement

Some places I especially love.


Costa Rica



Northern California

Twin Lakes + Leadville