Colorado Elopement Photographer

planning and photographing adventure elopements and intimate weddings in Colorado and throughout the wild west

epic imagery celebrating wild love in wild places

HEy! I’m Jen!

Colorado-Based Elopement Photographer

here to be the co-creator of the best damn day of your life.


Why my couples choose me as their elopement photographer

There are so many awesome photographers out there who take a lot of beautiful photos – so why do my couples choose me?

A Laid back, this-is-not-a-photoshoot-vibe

I place a huge emphasis on your day feeling like the most beautiful adventure, NOT a long photoshoot. You get to experience getting married in a beautiful place and get photos that tell that will remind you of that day – forever.

Dogs Always Welcome

I am a crazy dog lady to my core. Dogs are welcomed and encouraged around here (as long as you’re ok with getting a few too many photos of your dog!). You miss 100% of the dogs you don’t pet.

LGBTQ + BIPOC Inclusive

I photograph all humans, in all their beautiful diversity. I’m here to create a safe space for you to celebrate being who you are and love who and how you love.

Leave No trace

I’m firmly committed to leaving these beautiful places better than we found them. Getting to work in these places is a privilege and they must be protected at all costs.

jaw-dropping reminders of a day you’ll definitely never want to forget

“My husband and I will NEVER forget the adventure we had on our elopement day!”

– Stefanie + Danny

what I do:

I help couples plan just-the-two-of-you elopements and small-weddings-with-an-elopement-vibe in the Colorado mountains and beautiful places across the West.

LGBTQ Friendly | Dogs Always Welcome

popular elopement planning resources

Feeling a little confused about how to plan. your elopement? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Here are some of my most popular elopement and intimate wedding planning resources.

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how i became an elopement photographer in Colorado

From the first time I set foot in Colorado, I was obsessed. The mountains, the food, the people, the atmosphere … all of it. We came to visit whenever we could

When my fiance (now husband) and I decided on a whim to move to Colorado back in 2007, I cried tears of joy seeing those mountains on the horizon and knowing that this time we were staying for good.

Helping my couples experience the beauty of Colorado (and lots of other gorgeous places around the country too) brings me more joy than I can possibly express. I love helping people have meaningful experiences in the places that have meant to much to me.

Bride and groom kiss at Colorado mountain elopement with adorable dog in a bowtie sitting in front of them stealing the show




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