Stuffy weddings can take a hike.

Colorado elopement photographer and planner for wild couples in wild places!

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What if instead of perfect table settings, cringe-worthy traditions, and society's expectations you began your marriage in a way that was true to who YOU are?

Maybe that's hiking to the top of a mountain to say your vows. Maybe its renting a little cabin in the woods and celebrating the day with your family and friends. Either way, you CAN have a day that is true to who you are.

I craft epic elopement adventures and make sure those moments are never forgotten.

This is your big day.
Choose your own adventure.

Colorado elopement photographer. Crazy dog lady. Frequent traveler. Enabler of wild weddings at home and abroad!.

I'm here to help you have the best damn day of your life in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I'll help you plan, celebrate alongside you as you say your vows, button you into your dress on top of that mountain ... and capture every unforgettable moment as it all goes down.

The mountains are my home and nature is my playground - I can't wait to help you get married in some of my favorite places!

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Hey, I'm Jen!

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What the hell is an elopement, anyway?

Eloping used to mean running off to Vegas and being married by Elvis but those days are long gone. Modern elopements are  super intentional and well-planned to celebrate the two of you and all the things you love. Sometimes they can involve a handful of guests, sometimes it's just you (and maybe your dog). It's all about doing something small, meaningful, and totally YOU.

Let's get one thing straight:

Thinking about eloping but not sure where to begin? Start here! This is about so much more than pretty pictures - it's about creating once in a lifetime experiences that you'll want to remember forever!


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No stiff, cheesy poses here. Just raw moments, real emotions, and epic scenery captured and preserved in digital and print forever!

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"We feel like we commissioned an incredible and personalized work of art from a great artist. It was worth every penny."



Let the adventure begin!


Whether you have a killer elopement idea and just need help making it happen or have NO idea where to start, I'm here for YOU!