bride and groom and two dogs in wedding attire snuggle next to river at Colorado mountain elopement near Twin lakes

how to elope with a dog in colorado

Eloping with your dog in Colorado?

If you’re anything like me the idea of getting married with your dog there is unfathomable. They’re not just pets – they’re FAMILY (even if they’re the only family invited to your elopement)! As a dog-friendly Colorado adventure elopement photographer and certifiably crazy dog lady I completely understand why couples choose to have their dogs at their weddings (heck, my husband and I insisted on having our dog at ours back before it had become sort of normal!).

Having your best friend along can come with unique set of considerations – but don’t worry, I’m here to help you out! Let’s talk about how to elope with a dog in Colorado!

Best places to elope with a dog in Colorado

When couples start thinking about planning a dog-friendly elopement in Colorado, their research often begins with location. What are the best places to elope with a dog in Colorado? What towns are dog-friendly? Can I elope with a dog in a National Park?

While all of Colorado is really, really dog-friendly, there are some places that really stand out to me, as an elopement photographer as places that give you the best of all worlds. These spots are dog-friendly, stunningly gorgeous, and absolutely perfect places to elope!


Breckenridge is absolutely beautiful and SUPER dog friendly! Think big mountains, beautiful lakes, and a bustling mountain town – all just two hours from Denver airport!

crested butte

Crested Butte is known for it’s killer mountain biking and endless wildflowers. It’s surrounded by stunning scenery and one of the most adorable little mountain towns you’ve ever seen!


Telluride + the San Juan Mountains

The San Juan mountains are far and away the most beautiful part of Colorado – they’re also FAR and AWAY! The long drive is worth it for blue lakes, jagged peaks, and few crowds.

Twin lakes + Leadville

This is one of my FAVORITE areas for elopements that are close-ish to Denver and it’s also super dog friendly! Explore caves, creeks, two big lakes, and the Continental Divide!

Boulder + the indian Peaks wilderness

If you want to be SUPER close to Denver but still high in the mountains, the Boulder area (and the neighboring Indian Peaks wilderness are perfect. This is a place where you will want to hike to get away from the crowds but if that’s up you alley, it’s perfect!

maroon bells amphitheater

The Maroon Bells are absolutely iconic in Colorado and their gorgeous amphitheater is dog friendly! This is an ideal location for eloping in Colorado with a dog if you plan to bring guests. I highly recommend having your ceremony at the amphitheater and exploring some of the nearby trails with your pup for more iconic views of these beautiful mountains!

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Can you elope with your dog in rocky mountain national park?

While there are tons of places in Colorado that I recommend for an elopement with a dog, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is NOT one of them. Honestly, because of the large crowds and strict rules about where elopements can occur, I don’t really recommend eloping in RMNP to anyone!

The National Parks have very strict rules about dogs in the parks which generally confines them to parking lots. Unless your dog is a service dog, they can’t go on the trails.

The good news about all of this is that Colorado is FULL of places that are pet-friendly AND elopement-friendly.

Can your dog sign your marriage license in COlorado?


I know it may be hard to believe but in Colorado it is perfectly legal for your dog to “sign” your marriage license with it’s pawprint. While you don’t need a witness or officiant to get married in Colorado, why WOULDN’T you want your dog to sign your license?!

Cute witness or CUTEST WITNESS EVER?!?!?!

dog accessories for your elopement

If you’re the type of couple who is bringing your dog to your elopement, chances are you want them to look fly AF! Here are some of my favorite accessories for your Ring Bear, your Dog of Honor, and your Best Dog! All are available through Etsy.

Leather Ring Pouch

Flower Collar

Dog of Honor Bandana

Tuxedo Bandana

rope leash with flowers

Succulent leather collar

Things to consider when bringing your dog to your colorado elopement

Colorado elopement dog hall of fame

Meet the dogs!

Let’s be honest – when you bring your dog to your elopement they tend to steal the show! Here are some of the four-legged guests of honor that helped make my couples days so special!

bride and groom and their dog sit on bench in the mountains in their wedding clothes at Colorado elopement

Need a Dog-Friendly Elopement Photographer in Colorado?

I’d love to help you (and your dog) have the best day ever!

Hey! I’m Jen Dz! I’m a Colorado based elopement photographer and all around crazy dog lady! I plan and photograph unforgettable days for adventurous couple (and their pups) here in Colorado and in beautiful spots around the Wild West.