Bride and groom in wedding clothes snuggle on top of massive waterfall at Colorado adventure elopement

Elopement Packages + Info

Were you SO stoked to elope …. until you realized you had NO IDEA how to plan this thing?

Don't worry. I've got you.

Helping couples plan incredible elopements and itty bitty weddings in mind-boggling locations is exactly what I do!

Whether it's hiking to the top of a mountain Colorado, just the two of you and your dog, or getting married on a black sand beach in Iceland, surrounded by your closest family and friends, I’ve got you covered.

From grand adventures in far off countries to cozy cabin weddings surrounded by nature, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

This is going to be epic. Let’s go.

I’m Jen Dz. I help couples dream BIG dreams for SMALL weddings.

I’m an outdoors-obsessed, dog-loving, IPA-drinking, recovering-lawyer- turned elopement photographer and planner. I have helped hundreds of happy people just like you have the best damn day of their lives in the most beautiful places on Earth.

Whether I’m exploring the Colorado mountains (which I’ve called home for 15 years) or a country on the other side of the globe (I’ve been to 15 and counting), I know how to help you plan a stress-free elopement that will exceed your wildest dreams … and take the photos that make sure this adventure is NEVER forgotten!

By the numbers:










Here's how it all works:





You do the damn thing!

Planning Begins!

You Get in Touch

You get memories for life!

No stress, no fuss. Just the two of you (and maybe a dog and some super lucky humans) and one incredible location. You'll have the best damn day of your life in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You'll spend the day being as adventurous (or as chill) as you want and get married along the way.

This day is going to FLY by but don't worry, I'll be there to capture it all! I'll worry about the pictures. You'll worry about … nothing.

A month-ish after your elopement you'll get a full gallery of gorgeous photos to download and share with everything. But that is just the beginning!

Together we'll create a gorgeous heirloom album that will beautifully tell the story of your day so you can relive it forever. This isn't just about pretty pictures for Instagram – it's about making memories for life.

We'll take a deep dive into the two of you and the places, activities, and things you love. From there I'll help you build a day that reflects all of that. From choosing a location to coming up with a timeline to figuring out how to hike in your dress, I'm here to be the co-creator in the best damn day of your life!

Regardless of where you are at in the planning process, I'm here to help you out! We'll hop on a Zoom call so we can get to know each other better and I can answer ALL of your elopement questions! By the end of the call you'll have a better idea of how it will all go down (and hopefully a huge sense of relief!).

If it ends up being a match made in heaven, we'll make it official!

Some things you should know …




Dogs Welcome!

Leave No Trace

Love is Love

I am a crazy dog lady and dogs are ALWAYS welcome at the elopements I shoot! If you are planning to bring your dog (or think you might!) please let me know early in the planning proceess so I can recommend dog friendly locations

As a photographer who regularly works in remote landscapes I believe it is my job to protect them. As such, I follow all Leave No Trace principles (and ask that you do the same during our time together1)

I photograph awesome humans who are in love. Period. ALL are welcome here.*

*Unless you are racist in which case please GTFO

What You Get When I'm on Your Team:

About those albums ….

In a world that prioritizes doin' it for the 'Gram over actual quality experiences, I'm proud to be embracing the latter. I believe in my heart that these photos aren't just for your social media feed. They are meant to be enjoyed by you and your family for decades to come.

Someday you will be old. Your hair will be grey and your skin will be wrinkled. And you'll be sitting in rocking chairs, reliving these memories. Maybe you have a couple grandkids on your lap (or maybe it's just a really spoiled dog). None of these things are going to happen if you don't print these photos. I want you to make NEW memories from these old ones.

That's why every single package includes a credit for a printed, heirloom quality album. Album credits vary by package size but ALL packages include a large enough credit for a basic album.

Because you deserve to relive this day forever.

Elopement + Intimate Wedding Packages

Bride and groom in wedding clothes kissing in front of beautiful waterfall at Colorado elopement
couple eloping at skogafoss in iceland

Colorado Elopement + Intimate Wedding Packages

destination Elopement + Intimate Wedding Packages

All packages include:

All packages include:

Extensive coverage ranging from 8 hours to 2+ days

Extensive coverage ranging from 4 hours to 2+ days

Comprehensive planning assistance

Comprehensive planning assistance

Including but not limited to:

– Location recommendations (from picking a town to choosing an exact spot)

– Custom timeline that maximizes both the photos and the fun

– Elopement friendly vendor recommendations

– Permit assistance

– Logistics planning + More!

Including but not limited to:

– Location recommendations (from picking a country or state to choosing a spot)

– Custom timeline that maximizes both the photos and the fun

– Elopement friendly vendor recommendations

– Permit assistance

– Logistics planning + More!

Heirloom album bound in linen or leather

Heirloom album bound in linen or leather

5-10 sneak peaks within one week of elopement

All the best photos from your day in an online gallery for sharing with family and friends

All the best photos from your day in an online gallery for sharing with family and friends

My travel anywhere in Colorado with no additional travel fees

My travel to your location with no additional travel fees

Anywhere in the U.S. + Mexico starts at $9000

Iceland and Costa Rica start at $10,000

Europe + all other international destinations start at $11,000

Packages start at $6500

Average in investment is $9500

contact me to schedule your free consultation

contact me to schedule your free consultation

Bride and groom in wedding clothes standing on mountain under incredible sunset at Colorado elopement on Independence Pass.

Upcoming Travel

Colorado (all the time!)

N. Cascades, WA

(Through Summer 2023 – This list is constantly being updated – check back or get in touch if you don't see your location!)

Olympic National Park, WA

Moab, UT

Oregon Waterfalls


Kauai, HI

Northern California – Coast + Redwoods



Why are you so expensive???

In this industry experience is everything. There are SO MANY photographers who can take good photos but taking pretty pictures is only part of the equation. Over the last seven years I have learned the art of putting together an incredible experience for my couples, building unforgettable days, and making sure that you have the time and space to really enjoy your day. I also take a very limited number of elopement each year which allows me to give all of my couples a custom experience and means that I'm always fresh and stoked to do this thing!

Can we have guests at our elopement?

YES!!! Guests (and dogs, obviously) are ALWAYS welcome and I do not limit the number of guests you can have! Please note that some locations are not suitable for larger groups so knowing ahead of time if you will be having guests is super important in suggesting locations!

We are going to be SUPER awkward ….. help???

I hear this from literally EVERY couple I work with … and it always turns out fine! My approach to photography focuses heavily on candid moments – NOT cheesy poses. I'm just here to capture the adventure you had, not turn you into someone you're not! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get you interacting in a natural way. You'll be fine! Promise.

Do we have to hike for our adventure elopement?

Absolutely not! If you WANT to hike as part of your day, awesome! But if you don't want to hike you still have lots of options! From Jeeps to helicopters to booking a cozy cabin in the woods to choosing a location that you can drive right up to, there are loads of ways to get to your perfect spot!

I have a whole post on how NOT to hike for your elopement here!

How far out do we need to book you?

Couples generally book me anywhere from 4-12 months out but that varies wildly depending on location and time of year. I can sometimes fit people in at the last minute so please don't hesitate to reach out if you're in that boat! Generally speaking, September is my busiest month so if you are looking at a September date I recommend reaching out ASAP!


Can we bring our dog/cat/chicken/donkey …?

Do you work with LGBTQ couples?

Absolutely! Love is love is love. I photograph kick ass humans (and their pets, obviously). Period.

Yes! Here in Colorado I really love the San Juan Mountains (Telluride area), Crested Butte, Twin Lakes/Leadville, and the Indian Peaks Wilderness near Boulder. Outside Colorado I am very partial to Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Alaska, Hawaii, Moab, Iceland, Costa Rica, and pretty much everywhere in Europe! Have passport, will travel (and bring epic elopement ideas with me!)

Are there any locations you especially love?

Are you 420 friendly?


Absolutely! I am an avid traveler and here to follow you wherever your love takes you both here in the U.S. and abroad! Check out my travel schedule above! Don't see your location on there? Get in touch and let's chat about it and see what we can do!

Do you travel for elopements?

bride and groom and two dogs in wedding attire snuggle next to river at Colorado mountain elopement near Twin lakes

Ready to plan your dream adventure?