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There’s no one way to elope, and it’s okay if you don’t know where to start. Let’s hone in on what you want out of your wedding day and go from there. I’ve spent years perfecting the art of elopement planning, and I’ve learned all of the ins and outs by heart. No matter what situation arises, I’ll be there to help you figure it out. And the best part? We’ll have a blast planning and living out the best damn day of your life, and you’ll have the photos to remember it all.

I'm Jen Dz

I'm here to be the enabler of your wildest wedding dreams.

I'm a Boulder, Colorado based adventure elopement photographer and planner who is hell bent on helping you have the best damn day of your life in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

When I'm not behind the camera I'm out mountain biking, hiking, skiing, trail running, fly fishing, or parked in front of the computer dreaming up new adventures at home and abroad. I probably have an IPA in hand.

My favorite adventure buddies are my husband, our son, and our two crazy rescue dogs.




Field Assistant

the new hire

Jumper of fences, killer of chickens, stealer of hearts. Cash may have been expelled from obedience school at a young age but his boundless energy makes him the best location scouting partner a girl could ask for. He's my constant sidekick on the trail and and the best cuddle buddy you could ever imagine.

Lilly joined the team in January of 2023. We don't really know what her role will be around here yet but we know she's going to look REALLY cute while doing it! She currently excels at napping, tasting everything to see if it's edible, and keeping the rest of the staff on their toes.

I was raised in the Florida suburbs, but always had big dreams about the places I would see when I grew up. I wanted to explore remote beaches, climb mountains, and gaze up at the Northern Lights. Travel was in my heart, right from the beginning.

My very first trip to Colorful Colorado rocked my world. I was able to experience the wonders of the wild western states, and I knew without a doubt, that this is where I belonged. I made the big cross-country move in 2007 and felt at peace knowing that I was finally home.

That deep sense of comfort is what I want all of my amazing couples to feel when they get married. A traditional wedding isn’t right for everyone, so if you’re called to the wilderness, it’s okay to listen. I love helping couples experience the places that have brought me such intense joy, and to watch them have the best damn day surrounded by the great outdoors.

I believe that wild places matter. Your story matters. Let’s honor them both by creating an unforgettable, only-in-the-movies kind of elopement in the most beautiful places on Earth.

Some facts about me

Take a look into my life

– I went to law school and passed bar bar exam but photographing wild people in wild places has my heart. The law just couldn't compete with those views and adventures!

– I've always had a deep connection to animals, as evidenced by my own little zoo at home. My family has 2 dogs, 7 chickens, a snake, a leopard gecko, 3 poison dart frogs, and a whole bunch of fish

– I'm happiest in the great outdoors! I love mountain biking, hiking, skiing, fly fishing, and camping. Ask me about the days when I used to race pack burros!

– We have a tricked out camper van named Patricia that I travel in to most of my elopements. She's basically a mobile bridal suite and my couples LOVE her (so do I!)

A little glimpse of the people, places, pups, and adventures that are my world.

Peak inside my playlist ….

I believe you can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to.

While I listen to a ton of different kinds of music, if I'm driving through the mountains on my way to your elopement or editing your photos with a cup of coffee, chances are I'm listening to something a little bit like this …