how to elope in breckenridge, Colorado

A Summit County Elopement Guide

Want to elope in Breckenridge but don’t know how to get started? This guide is for you!

As a Breckenridge elopement photographer I may be a bit biased but I truly believe that Breckenridge is one of the best places to elope in Colorado, especially for those coming in from out of state. Why? It’s beautiful, has tons of lodging and restaurants, has some incredible hikes, and is an easy (depending on the weather …) two hour drive from the Denver airport. If you are wondering how to elope in Breckenridge, Colorado, this is for you!

Fun Fact: My parents actually honeymooned in Breckenridge 40+ years ago and how live there! It holds a special place in my heart and I think you’ll love it too!

A quick note: For simplicity’s sake I’m using the term “Breckenridge” but this article really applies to all of Summit County – if you’re thinking of eloping in Breckenridge, Frisco, Keystone, Blue River, Silverthorne, or anywhere nearby, this is for you!

Your Breckenridge Elopement Adventure is waiting. Let’s go.

where is breckenridge?

Breckenridge is two hours from Denver, straight up I-70. It’s easy proximity to the city (and a major airport) are one of the reasons I recommend it to most of my couples flying in from out of state!

You will want a rental car in Breckenridge to make it easy to get to trailheads and out of town. If you have guests flying in separate (who don’t need a car of their own) there is really easy shuttle service from the Denver airport up to Summit County.!

Best time of year to elope in Breckenridge

Summit County is beautiful year round but every season has it’s own vibe! Here is my hot take on the best time of year to elope in Breckenridge

Summer Elopements in Breckenridge

Summer in the mountains is GLORIOUS. They say people come to Colorado for the winters but stay for the summers and I think that is probably true! Warm days give way to cool, comfortable nights. If you want to hike for your elopement or spend an entire day outdoors, summer is probably for you. Summit County is a popular destination for summer travelers and town will be busy but it’s never too crazy (and there is always lots to do!).

Fall elopements in Breckenridge

Fall is a transitional time everywhere but nowhere is that more true than in the mountains. September starts off warm but by early October the aspens have changed and snow is on the way. September and early October are my FAVORITE months in the mountains – the temperatures are usually a little cooler, most of the tourists have gone home, and the leaves make everything so, so dreamy. By the time you get into October (and definitely by November!) snow becomes more common. The great thing about this time of year is that you have a good chance of having snow on the ground … without having to deal with SUPER deep snow that makes travel difficult. I LOVE fall!!

winter elopements in breckenridge

In case you haven’t heard the news, winter in Colorado is kiiiiiiiiiiiind of a big deal. Summit County has some of the best and most famous ski areas in Colorado and people flock in from all over the world to play in all that snow. It also means that there can be a LOT of snow! If you want to elope in a winter wonderland, winter in Breckenridge is MAGICAL. Winter in the mountains lasts way longer than what you traditionally think of as “winter”. March and April are typically our snowiest months.

Spring elopements in Breckenridge

I’m going to be honest here – spring is my least favorite season around here. They don’t call it “mud” season for nothing! March, April, and May can be really snowy and once all that snow starts to melt it gives way to mud. Roads that close seasonally are still closed and the weather is very unpredictable. This is usually the time of year that I start talking to couples about choosing a lower elevation location (or heading to the desert – Moab is awesome this time of year!).

Sapphire Point Overlook

Sapphire Point is one of the best elopement locations in Summit County for couples who are having guests at their elopement. It is a small platform located on the edge of Lake Dillon with stunning views of the lake and mountains. There is a short walk to the ceremony site (and a bathroom in the parking lot) that is largely accessible by everyone. Reserving a time at Sapphire Point costs $110 for a two hour reservation and can be easily done here.

loveland pass

Loveland Pass is located near Silverthorne and the Arapaho Basin ski area and is a really great spot for elopements with no (or very few) guests. This high altitude pass tops out at 11,991 feet and the beauty of it is that you can get there with very little effort! Loveland Pass is always stunning but it’s extra gorgeous at sunrise! It can be chilly up there, even in the summer, so be sure to bring warm layers (and maybe warm beverages!) along!

The lodge at breckenridge

The Lodge at Breckenridge is a perfect option for couples wanting an actual venue for their small wedding but don’t need all the bells and whistles that are associated with traditional wedding locations. The Lodge at Breckenridge has stunning mountain views and is available to be rented for two hours! Another awesome thing about this spot is that you can add things like champagne, snacks, and chairs to your package and, bonus!, it’s dog friendly!

Public land

Breckenridge is surrounded by loads of public land that can make for an incredible place to elope! Most of this land is owned and managed by the U.S. Forest Service (although there are some exceptions). If you want to elope on public land in Breckenridge, I HIGHLY recommend working with an experienced elopement photographer and planner that can help you navigate the permit process!

Breckenridge Elopement Locations + Small wedding Venues

Wondering where to elope in Summit County? Don’t worry, you have TONS of options! Small wedding and elopement venues in Breckenridge range from fancy lodges to little cabins to tiny mountain overlooks to wild places you have to hike to. It all depends on you, your guests (if you are having any) and the type of adventure you are looking for!

Please note: This list only scratches the surface of Breckenridge elopement locations! There are so many more!

private property (VRBO, Airbnb, etc.)

For couples who are having guests at their elopement or just want to hunker down somewhere cozy, I HIGHLY recommend renting a VRBO that allows events! This is honestly one of the easiest way to accomadate your guests and make sure you are not impacting the land. You can have your ceremony and a celebration brunch/dinner/etc. right on the property and then venture off-site for photos! I especially love using VRBO for this because they allow you to filter by whether or not a property allows events!

See below for some of my favorite rental properties in Summit County!

Getting married in summit County, Colorado

how to get a marriage license in Breckenridge

Getting married in Summit County (or anywhere in Colorado) is incredibly easy! You will need to pick up your marriage license at a County Clerk’s office no more than 30 days before your elopement. More info on getting a marriage license in Summit County is here. Marriage licenses must be picked up on a weekday during normal business hours. You can pick up your marriage license in any county – it does not need to be the one you are getting married in!

how to elope in breckenridge

1. choose your breckenridge elopement photographer

I’m putting this first on the list not because I’m biased (well, maybe I’m a little biased …) but because doing this step first will make everything else SO much easier! An experienced elopement photographer will help you with every other step of this process – from picking a location to coming up with a timeline for your day. (Pssssst … I know Breck like the back of my hand and would love to help you out! Click here to schedule a free consult!)

2. choose your elopement location

Your photographer will help you pick the perfect location for your elopement (and for any other stops along your day!). Every photographer is different but for me, this is where I take a deep dive with my couples into the kind of things and places that would make their day as epic (or as easy!) as they want!

3. Book any other vendors

The most common vendor my couples also hire is hair and makeup. A good hair and makeup person (I have some awesome recommendations!) can help you feel fabulous on this day – and keep you from having to worry about doing your own beautification! Who doesn’t like a little pampering?! Other common vendors include florists, cakes, or a private chef to make dinner at your AirBnB!

4. Obtain any necessary permits

Some Breckenridge elopement locations require permits. Your photographer will help you figure out which permits (if any) are necessary and how to get them.

5. get your marriage license

Getting a marriage license in Summit County is super easy! Colorado does not require any kind of officiant or witnesses. Simply go to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office (an appointment may be necessary) and get your license. There is no waiting period, blood test, or any of those shenanigans! Your dog can even sign your license with it’s paw print!

6. Have the best day of your life!

At the end of the day, this is what all this planning was about! Marry your person and enjoy every freaking minute of it!

Breckenridge elopement activity ideas

I’m a FIRM believer that your elopement is about SO MUCH MORE than just saying your vows! It’s a chance to not only explore a beautiful place but also do some fun activities too! Whether your idea of a perfect elopement day involves going on a beautiful hike or getting pampered at spa, you have TONS of options in Summit County! Of course, these would also be really fun activities for ANY day of your elopement trip (not just the day you actually do the thing! – so free to mix and match these to your heart’s content and make your trip one to remember!

Hiking in Breckenridge

Of course I have to start with hiking! Breckenridge is surrounded by miles and miles of gorgeous trails just waiting to be explored! My favorite hikes in Breckenridge are Mayflower Gulch and Mohawk Lakes. I like using to find trails in Colorado and all over the world!


Whether you’ve been doing it forever or just want to learn the ropes, Summit County has incredible fly fishing!

Skiing in Breckenridge and Summit County

You probably already know this but this part of Colorado is kiiiiiiiind of known for it’s awesome skiing! Get yourself a lift ticket at Breckenridge, Keystone, ABasin, or Copper Mountain and hit the slopes!

Mountain biking

Rent a mountain bike (or bring your own), take it to the top of the mountain on the gondola, and rip down! There are trails for beginners to experts and you are guaranteed to have a blast!

hire a private chef

Honestly, this is something I can’t recommend enough! Having a chef cook you dinner right at your VRBO is an unforgettable way to have a delicious meal AND relax at the same time! A lot of my couples have done this and not one has regretted it!

Get pampered

Hit a spa and spend the day getting alllllll those worries massaged away (or even book a couples’ massage!)! Being a resort town, Breck has fabulous spas that are ready to help you reach peak relaxation!



Breckenridge was the first place I visited in Colorado, way back when I was in 6th grade. It ignited a lifelong love of the mountain in me and getting to share that love with my couples is one of the greatest joys of my life!

If you want me to help you elope in Breckenridge, get in touch! I can’t wait to meet you and plan something incredible!