Bride and groom in wedding attire standing on columns at Reynisfjara during Iceland elopement.

How to Elope in Iceland

Wild wedding adventures in the land of fire and ice

Eloping in Iceland has become wildly popular in recent years and there's a really, really good reason for it. Iceland is one of the best places for an adventurous destination elopement. With shooting geysers, vast ice fields, black sand beaches, a chance to see the northern lights, and cheap flights from all over the U.S., Iceland is pretty much the PERFECT place for an adventurous couple to say their vows.

But eloping in Iceland can present some challenges (like ever changing weather, a sometimes-too-booming tourist economy, and expensive food). Iceland is one of my favorite places on the entire planet and I am SO excited to help make eloping in Iceland just a little bit easier!

Iceland is elopement paradise … if you do it right!

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From the moment I first stepped foot in Iceland I knew there was something special about this place. Helping couples celebrate their love surrounded by all that beauty is the best job in the whole world.

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Where is Iceland?

Map showing direct flights to Iceland from the united states and europe.

Iceland is an island country that is situated between Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. It is easy to get to via MANY direct flights from the U.S. and mainland Europe.

Iceland's location makes it a great jumping off point for other places in Europe!

Symbolic Marriage in Iceland

Getting your Marriage License in Iceland

How do you get married in Iceland?

If you choose to go this route you will need to fulfill the Icelandic government's requirements for marriage in Iceland. In advance of your elopement you will need to submit certain documentation (passport info, birth certificates, etc.) to the government so that your marriage may be made legal in Iceland. You can read more about how to get married in Iceland here.

This is what I suggest to all couples thinking of eloping in a foreign country because it is just so. much. easier. If you go this route you will be legally married back home (i.e. go to the courthouse …) and what you do in Iceland will be purely ceremonial. It may sound a little weird but, in my opinion, you are married when you say your vows, NOT when you sign the paperwork! It also just makes things SO much easier

Getting married in a foreign country always presents some unique challenges but it is very much doable. There are two main ways to get married in Iceland:

When is the best time of year to elope in Iceland?

Iceland is gorgeous year round and each season presents its own beauty – and challenges.

Summer brings the best weather along with endless days (midnight sun!) … and lots of tourists. Winter is stunning but comes with shorter days and more challenging driving conditions. I think fall is the PERFECT time to elope in Iceland. The summer crowds are gone, you get plenty of daylight and darkness, and you have a chance to see the northern lights!

When is the best time to see the northern lights in Iceland?

Generally speaking the best time to see the aurora borealis in Iceland is from October to March – which doesn't mean you CAN'T see them at other times! The very first time I EVER saw the northern lights was in late September and it. was. magical. If seeing the northern lights is really important to you I recommend planning your trip and your elopement around the new moon.

Iceland Elopement Locations

Bride and groom in wedding attire standing on rock next to waterfall in cave at iceland elopement.

and many, many more ….

Iceland Elopement Ideas

Opportunities for adventure about in Iceland! Whether you want to incorporate some of these ideas into your elopement day or are looking for suggestions for things to do during your honeymoon, this list will help you get started! Obviously some activities depend on weather and season so its best to plan ahead!

– Soak in the the Blue Lagoon

– Visit other hot springs (there are TONS of them!)

Hike to the plane crash

– Explore an ice cave

– Hike on a glacier

– Go horseback riding on Icelandic horses

– Visit the Westfjords

– Check out Jokulsarlon

– Watch for the Northern Lights

– Check out the Golden Circle

– Try the tasting menu at Grillmarkaðurinn

– Take a side trip to mainland Europe, the Faroe Islands, or Greenland

– Drive the Ring Road

– Go whale watching

– Look for puffins

bride and groom in wedding clothes snuggle next to Bruarfoss waterfall at Iceland adventure elopement

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Iceland Elopement Packages

Having photographed 100+ elopements sine 2016, I know how to put together an incredible day … and how to make the planning stress-free and FUN (no really! It can be fun!).

My all-inclusive Iceland elopement packages have been created with all of this in mind! Package include full day photo coverage, location and timeline planning, vendor recommendations, high-resolution digital photos, a printed album, and my travel to Iceland with no additional travel fees!

Packages range from $10,000-12,000

Special rates may be available for dates that fall within my travel schedule


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