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Why I’m Bucking the Digital Trend

A little while back I wandered into my office and found my son sitting on the floor, flipping through a book he had pulled off a shelf. It was a little photo book that my mom had made for us a few years back with pictures of my childhood. My family at Disney. Fishing in […]


Thoughts on Going Home

Greetings from Ireland, everybody! I’ve spent the last week gallivanting around this beautiful place, talking to as many people as humanly possible, and taking all of the pictures (which man, I can’t wait to show you!). But now its the evening before we leave and I’ve got home on my mind. I love to travel […]


Wedding Advice for the Anti-Bride

You know those people who spend their whole lives dreaming of their weddings? The ones who have everything planned out to the last detail … well before they’re actually engaged. They’ve spent years of curating Pinterest boards that will help them make their dream a reality. They believe that the day they walk down the aisle will […]


A year with the world’s worst/best dog

When we lost our sweet Maddie dog last year we knew that we wanted to add another pup to our family right away. No dog could ever replace our girl but few things mend a broken heart like puppy kisses. Also, our older girl, Spotty, needed a playmate. Finding the right dog wasn’t as easy as […]


Thank you.

I know I’ve been terrible about keeping this blog up to date. There are so many things I want to tell you guys – photos from weddings, stories from adventures, and a few lessons learned along the way. But first? First I wanted to say thank you. When I shared the photos of Charlie on […]


The Power of a Picture

As many of you know, we lost our beloved eleven year old lab a few weeks ago. She was an amazing dog who lived a great big life. She had shown little sign of slowing down in the ten years she had been a part of our family. Sometimes I didn’t believe she was a […]


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