Colorado Micro Wedding Guide

Planning a Micro Wedding in Colorado

Did you start planning a big traditional wedding and then realize that that just wasn't for you? Do you want to elope but also know that you'd be super sad without your people there?

This is for you.

In this guide we'll talk about how to plan the ultimate elopement-inspired micro wedding in the mountains of Colorado. My goal for you is that by the end of this article you'll have a better idea of how this all works and how to get started!

Sound good? Let's go!

Meet your guide for this adventure

Hi! I'm Jen Dz!

I'm a Colorado based elopement and micro wedding photographer and planner.

Since 2016 I've been helping couples plan intimate, intentional, adventurous weddings and elopements in the mountains of Colorado and destinations worldwide. I'm a dog-loving, IPA-drinking, outdoors-obsessed recovering lawyer who is here to help you have the best damn day of your life in the places that I love most.

Elopement? Wedding? Intimate wedding? Micro wedding? What's the difference???

What is a Micro Wedding?

While there are no hard and fast rules about any of these things, in my mind a “Micro Wedding” is a small, intentional wedding with just a few guests. Some people may call this an elopement and that's totally fine! For the purposes of this article I'm generally talking about elopements and small weddings with 2-20 guests.

Before we get started let's make one thing clear ….

Micro weddings are in NO WAY less important or less special than big weddings (and that goes for true elopements too!). Sure, they may be a little bit easier to plan and a little more affordable but neither of those reasons are why most of my couples choose to go that route.

These days are highly intentional and crafted in a way that maximizes all the things you love and celebrates your love in a truly special way. Having been a part of many of these events (and having been to many larger weddings too) I can tell you that micro weddings are EVERY bit as big of a deal as larger, more traditional weddings – and maybe even moreso.

When you put this much intention into your day, it is going to be so special.

Best Places in Colorado for a Micro Wedding

Rocky Mountain National Park

Just an hour from Denver and loaded with beautiful scenery, RMNP is an easy place for a beautiful Colorado microwedding.

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Breckenridge is the best of all worlds – stunningly gorgeous mountain scenery combined with a cute town just 2 hours from Denver airport.

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Telluride + the San Juans

The San Juan mountains are the wildest and most beautiful mountains in Colorado. It is a bit of a trek to get there but trust me when I say IT IS WORTH IT.

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Crested butte

Not only is Crested Butte GORGEOUS and the wildflower capital of Colorado, it's also the most perfect little mountain town you've ever seen!

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Twin lakes

Twin Lakes is one of my all time favorite spots in Colorado for small weddings and elopements because it's reasonably close to Denver and loaded with easy to access, beautiful spots!

Once you have a general idea of where you want to have your microwedding it's time to get into the details (or you can START here if the ceremony location itself is super important to you!).

The types of places you can have your micro wedding vary dramatically based on the general location you choose and the number of people you are bringing. A smaller guest list (think 2-5 people) will give you much more flexibility and more options than a larger one. Let's talk about your different options and the best ways to make it happen!

Colorado Microwedding Ceremony Locations

VRBO or AirBnB Micro Weddings

This is ALWAYS what I suggest first for couples who are having a micro wedding or elopement with guests. Renting a kick ass vacation rental that allows events means that you can have your ceremony right on site (making life SO much easier!) before going off to explore and take pictures. It also gives you the opportunity to cozy up in the evening and have a private chef make a killer meal for you and your people.

Even for couples who are planning a ceremony in nature (more on that below!), I recommend having an awesome VRBO as a backup in case of bad weather, wildfires, etc.

coming soon: ultimate list of event friendly colorado vrbos

bride and groom eloping next to a lake on a snowy fall day in Colorado

Small Weddings in Nature

Depending on your guest count, getting married off the beaten path MAY be an option but it's not as easy as finding a pretty mountain meadow and doing this thing. Permit regulations and requirements vary dramatically depending on location and the number of guests you will have. These types of weddings can be absolutely BEAUTIFUL when done right!

I highly, highly recommend working with an experienced elopement photographer/planner to help with this!

Pssst … if this is you, get in touch and let's chat about your options!

couple eloping at San Sophia overlook in Telluride Colorado

Rentable Wedding Venues

Colorado is loaded with small venues that are perfect for your microwedding or elopement. Some are affordable overlooks that can be rented for an hour. Some are part of ski resorts and generally more expensive (and more luxurious!). It completely depends on your budget, your location, and your vision for the day.

See below for a list of the best small wedding venues in Colorado!

Want me to help you plan the Colorado Micro Wedding of your dreams?