bride and groom in wedding clothes snuggle in grove of aspens at Bridal Veil Falls Elopement in Telluride, Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls Elopement Guide

For a lot of couples, eloping at Bridal Veil Falls (appropriately named, right?!) is a dream. At 620 feet high, Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest freestanding waterfalls in Colorado (and one of the most photographed too!). You see Bridal Veil Falls the minute you drive into town and it visible throughout Telluride, making that magical little mountain town all the more majestic. But how do you elope at Bridal Veil Falls? Lets talk about it!

Where is bridal veil falls?

Bridal Veil Falls is located at the end of the box canyon that is home to stunning little Telluride, Colorado. Getting to Telluride can be tricky (and getting up to the falls is even trickier – we’ll talk about that!) but it’s always worth the long drive.

The closest airport to Telluride is … Telluride airport. Other nearby airports include Grand Junction and Montrose. If you are flying into Denver prepare for a 6-7 hour (stunningly beautiful!) drive through the mountains!

How do you get to bridal veil falls from telluride?

Once you’ve made it to Telluride you have a couple options for getting to the falls themselves. In either case you will drive straight through town and keep going until you get to a parking lot at the end of the road. From there it’s choose your own adventure!

hiking to bridal veil falls

Bridal Veil Falls is a relatively short, moderately challenging hike from the parking lot at the end of town. It’s also really pretty! A 2 mile round trip hike takes you through the forests, past some smaller falls, and to the base of the Bridal Veil. You’ll work up a bit of a sweat getting there but it will make the champagne you pop taste even better! When you’re done you have the option of returning the way you came or taking the Jeep road back down for a different view.


If you have a vehicle with high clearance you can make your way up the bumpy, narrow road to the base of the falls. While this is not considered an especially challenging 4×4 road you are definitely going to want something with high clearance – think Jeep or similar. I’ve seen Subarus get stuck here which would make for a bummer of a day! The road passes right by the base of the falls (before continuing on to become the notoriously challenging Black Bear Pass which is downhill only).


Winters in the San Juan mountains are long and snowy with snow lingering well into what most part of the country consider “spring”. If you are wanting warm, dry conditions for your Bridal Veil Falls elopement, you are going to want to elope in June – October(ish).

Summers at Bridle Veil Falls bring warm weather and melting snow bring make the falls rush hard in the early to mid summer. If you want the falls to be at their full, flowy, misty glory think June – July. Come August the snow has largely melted and the falls are still very much flowing but it has slowed down considerably. The upside of this? Fall is when the aspens start to turn gold and nowhere in Colorado is prettier at this time of year than Telluride!

For snowy winter elopement at Bridal Veil Falls you are looking at eloping somewhere from November through May. Bring warm clothes and a sense of adventure and be ready for rapidly changing weather!


One of the best parts about eloping at Bridal Veil Falls is that there are SO many other options for things to do to make your day extra special. Most of my couples visit Bridal Veil Falls as part of their day while also experiencing some of the other adventures the San Juan Mountains have to offer! Here are a few ideas:


San Sophia Overlook is beautiful at any time of day but at sunrise that golden light pops over the mountain and lights up everything in its path. Well worth the early alarm!


The San Juans have some of the best 4×4 roads in Colorado and the options for places to explore are endless. Not only will your Jeep help you get to Bridal Veil Falls, it will take you to all kind of other places as well. Jeeps can be rented in Ouray. Not comfy driving those roads yourself? Hire a driver to give you a tour!

hike to other nearby waterfalls

If you’re a fan of waterfalls you have ample options in this neck of the woods! Some of the best waterfalls in Telluride are the ones that are a little hard to find (which is why I recommend working with a local Colorado photographer to help you get there!).

tackle the via ferrata

Telluride’s famous via ferrata is a blast and perfect for rock climbers or adrenaline junkies who want a big adventure. Hire local guides to help you safely traverse the cliffs above town while clipped into cables bolted into the rock.

take the free gondola to the top of the mountain

Telluride’s free gondola runs through the summer to the top of the mountain. It’s dog-friendly (really!), free, and the views from the top are beautiful!

charter a helicopter to explore the nearby mountains and deserts

As far as I’m concerned there is NO better way to see the San Juan mountains than from the air! Take to the skies with a custom helicopter charter and get a bird’s eye view of the most beautiful part of the state!

thinking about eloping at bridal veil falls but don’t know where to start?

Check out my full guide to eloping in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado for more Telluride elopement ideas!