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Adventure Elopement Photographer for Wild People in Wild Places

Were you so freaking stoked to get engaged only to have your heart sink a little when you realized that now you had to ... plan a wedding?

 Maybe you're not really a wedding person or you hate being the center of attention or you'd rather spend ALL THAT MONEY on something more important (like a house or a badass honeymoon in a dream location).

Sound familiar? I've got you! I've helped dozens of couples just like you have the best day of their lives in my favorite place on earth!

Whether you want to say your vows in a beautiful spot and then hit every brewery in town (don't worry, I'll drive!) or rent pack llamas and hike deep into the backcountry (please someone do this!) for an epic adventure, I'll guide you through the process and capture all the moments along the way!

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Step 1: YOU Listened to that little voice in your head that said "a big wedding isn't really our thing ...".

You get in touch.

How it works

We set up a time to chat about the two of you, what you have in mind, and how I can help lead you to your best freaking day ever!

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Step 2: You pick your date and make it official! i'll send you a detailed questionnaire that will help me help you design your dream day!

Don't know where you want to elope? That's totally fine! All we need is a general idea (like "Colorado!") and we'll go from there!

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Step 3:  I'll help you design a custom elopement based completely around the two of you and what you like to do!

How it works

This is your day! How do you want to spend it? We'll figure it out together. 

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Step 4:  You have the best damn day of your life. No stress. No fuss. Just kick ass moments in beautiful places.

How it works

Whether we're going on a long hike to somewhere epic or road tripping around (and hitting every awesome view and brewery along the way), you'll have a day that is completely YOU!

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Step 5: The photos will tell the story of your day so that you can relive it over and over forever.

How it works

No cheesy poses here. Just real, candid storytelling to capture the emotions, experiences, and epic scenery of your best day.

"Will this day feel 'special' enough?"

A lot of couples are concerned that without all the pomp and circumstance of a big wedding, their day won't feel quite ... special enough.

Most of my elopement couples choose to make a full day of it and I promise those fears are quickly squashed!

You can still get that dream dress (and actually be able to afford it), get your hair and makeup done, and spend a whole damn day celebrating one of life's biggest and best commitments.

This isn't about saying your vows and taking some quick pictures. Its about celebrating your marriage in an unforgettable way. Whether that's hiking to somewhere wild, planning an epic picnic in a beautiful place, or saying your vows at sunrise so you can go whitewater rafting in the afternoon, this is ALL about making this day everything you could have imagined (and more!).

What does an all day elopement typically look like?

This can vary pretty dramatically depending on the time of year, the types of things you love to do, and how much or how little hiking you want to do! Here are a few examples of all day elopements in Colorado ... 

All day elopement with a long hike

All day elopement without a long hike

+ Getting ready at your airbnb, hotel, campsite ...

+ First look

+ Hike to somewhere epic 

+ Say your vows somewhere along the way

+ Pop some bubbly! Have a picnic! SOAK IT ALL IN!

+ Sunset portraits

+ Hike out under the starriest sky you've ever seen. Hope the Milky Way makes an appearance!

+ Getting ready at your hotel, airbnb, campsite ...

+ First look

+ Drive to somewhere (or a couple somewheres!) beautiful. Explore, enjoy, etc.

+ Say your vows somewhere incredible.

+ Pop some bubbly! Have a picnic! SOAK IT ALL IN!

+ Sunset portraits

+ Make a campfire / Hit up a brewery / Whatever you love to do!

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