Ann + Matt’s Intimate Winter Wedding

Winter is a funny time of year for wedding photographers around here. Typically we run around like crazy all summer and fall and then spend most of the winter months hibernating. Not man people choose to brave the elements and have a Colorado winter wedding but those who do? They’re something special. Ann and Matt easily fall into that box.

When Ann first contacted me about photographing their intimate Colorado wedding I knew we hit it off right away. She mentioned that she wasn’t really into all of the big wedding stuff (right there with you, sister!) and that what she cared about most was having a laid back day with her friends and family … and that she wanted to do it in the snow. I was definitely on board!

They had their wedding at an AirBnB near Keystone, Colorado with 30 of their closest friends and family in attendance. It was an overcast winter day (not going to lie, these are my favorites!) in Keystone that was actually not ALL that cold (we’ll talk about the weather at the top of Loveland Pass later …). Basically it was the perfect day for a Colorado winter wedding!

I love couples and weddings that are a little offbeat and Ann and Matt definitely fall into that category … and their wedding encompassed all of it. From their pun-filled vows to the whiskey blending to the kilts to being married under the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster everything about this wedding was 100% them. I was scurrying around during their ceremony, sinking in snow up to my knees, and laughing and crying right along with every cheesy pun. It was perfect in the most imperfect way.

After the ceremony we took family photos and a few of them in the aspens (which somehow turned into a couple American Gothic-inspired portraits) and then headed up to Loveland Pass for a short (VERY short) portrait session at 12,000 feet.

If you know anything about me you know that I LOVE cold weather. I have a good system down for photographing in it while keeping all the necessary parts (which is mostly my fingers) warm enough to at least control the camera. I like to think I’m a pro at cold weather wedding photography. But you guys? Loveland Pass was FREAKING COLD. I’ve photographed entire sessions in single digits and have never frozen the way I did up there. The car said 18 degrees when we got out but the wind was icy and howling and my fingers froze instantly.

We looked at each other, took a swig of whiskey, and went for it … for five minutes. They were total troopers in that crazy weather and we got a couple gorgeous shots before heading back down the mountain to the warmth of the camp fire built in the snow.

As we all warmed up by that fire and listened to stories about Ann and Matt I couldn’t help but think that THIS is how weddings should be. Laid back days spent in beautiful places with the people who helped you get there. It warmed my heart … and my hands.

After we were all warm and toasty we headed inside for food, dancing, and shenanigans. It was the perfect way to end the evening!

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