Savannah + Dylan’s Snowy Intimate Colorado Wedding

I’ll never forget the day that Savannah and Dylan first reached out about being their Estes Park wedding photographer. They told me that they were planning an intimate Colorado wedding with their closest family and friends – all of whom happen to be “crazy Cajuns”. A laid-back mountain wedding with a bunch of crazy Cajuns? Obviously I was in!

When we first met to talk about their wedding they didn’t really know where they wanted to get married other than that they wanted it to be in Estes Park. They envisioned something low-key and in nature with an emphasis on good times, beautiful scenery, and the people they loved the most.

Please believe me when I say that they pulled it off – big time!

Savannah and Dylan had around 50 guests for their wedding. For someone who photographs a LOT of elopements and intimate weddings, 50 guests sounds like a pretty good number of people. But this wedding? It felt like an elopement. And I mean that in the absolute BEST way possible!

The day of their wedding was cold and snowy – big flakes were falling in Estes Park and a blizzard fifty miles south had shut down the main artery through Colorado’s rocky mountains. If you know me you know that, while I don’t especially love driving in nasty weather, I absolutely LOVE shooting in it. I was so SO stoked to make some wintery Colorado magic … but first I had to find them a ceremony site!

A last mix up left them without a solid plan on where they wanted to hold their short and sweet ceremony. I kicked it into high gear and headed out into the snow to find them the perfect last minute spot … boy did I find one! These kind of situations are EXACTLY why, if you are planning a less-than-traditional wedding, you definitely want someone who can roll with the punches and doesn’t freak out when things don’t go according to plan!

After I found their ceremony site I headed to the house where they were getting married. There is NO better feeling on a wedding day than being welcomed in with open arms and treated like one of the family and this was definitely one of those days. I felt right at home with these guys and their sweet people!

We spent some time getting ready, did their first look at their rental cabin, and then headed out into the snow for their ceremony!

Their friends and family huddled around as one of their best friend’s did the honors as officiant and we all fought back tears (ok, that was partially because it was just SO COLD!) as they said their vows, did the thing, and officially became husband and wife!

Following the ceremony we headed back to the house for a bit and then onto a bar in town where we ate Cajun food (more crawfish fettucini please!!!) and celebrated an absolutely PERFECT day with one of the sweetest couples I know.

Here are some photos from their laid-back mountain wedding. Enjoy!

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