Jenna and Jon’s San Juan Mountains Hiking Elopement

A Stunning hiking elopement in the san juan mountains of Colorado

I hate getting up early for sunrise elopements. Everyone hates getting up early for sunrise elopements. When the alarm goes in the middle of the night, without fail, I curse myself for suggesting sunrise and swear that I will never, ever, do this to myself again.

And then a few hours later, when we’re watching the sun rise over the mountains with absolutely no one else around? I totally forget about all of that. Because sunrise in the mountains? It’s always worth it.

Jenna and Jon love to hike and they knew they wanted their elopement to include lots of it. After tossing around some ideas we settled on the MOST beautiful part of Colorado – the San Juan mountains never Silverton – and the planning began! I suggested a bunch of hikes to them and they chose one that I hadn’t actually done myself yet but had had on my list for a really long time. It was SO MUCH FUN getting to experience it with them for the first time on their elopement day!

We met at the trailhead at an ungodly hour and set off up the trail. There was an almost-full moon that night and once we were above treeline we barely even needed headlamps. We could see the rough outlines of the valley around us but wouldn’t get a true feel for just how spectacular it was until we were on the way down.

We arrived at the lake we were targeting well before the sun came up (I always schedule LOTS of extra time in for these hiking elopements just in case for whatever reason we end up running behind schedule – you don’t want to get up that early just to MISS sunrise!!). One the sun started peaking out Jon changed into his suit and then he helped Jenna get into her GORGEOUS dress.

Aside from a couple and their cute dog who were camping nearby, we had the entire place to ourselves for a good six hours! Being surrounded by ALL that beauty and absolutely no people was really special (and yet another reason to do sunrise!)!

Jenna and Jon said their vows next to a beautiful lake with the sun lighting up the mountains behind them and then we spent the rest of the morning exploring the area. We hiked to another lake where they unveiled a huge blanket with their dog’s photo on it (it was the cutest thing and I am obsessed!!) and then had a picnic on some rocks while we all enjoyed the views.

After a while it was time to start the long hike back down the mountain with tired legs and very, very happy hearts!

This San Juan Mountains hiking elopement was an absolute dream to plan and photograph! There is something really special about the folks who can look at doing a big hike for sunrise and say “yeah, that’s gonna suck but it’s going to be SO WORTH IT.” And trust me, it was.

Here are some photos from Jenna and Jon’s San Juan Mountains hiking elopement. Enjoy!!

This was such an epic day and I feel SO grateful to have been a part of it!

Jenna’s Dress – Rue de Seine

Hair and Makeup – Hair and Makeup by Heather