Meetal + Geoff’s Colorado Mountain Elopement

Meetal and Geoff knew that a big wedding wasn’t the thing for them but … but that a Colorado mountain elopement would be the perfect fit!

When they first contacted me about their elopement they knew they wanted to have an adventure in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, have a super laid-back day, and get married in a way that felt perfect for them. After tossing around a bunch of location ideas we settled on one of my favorite secret spots up in the mountains and the planning began!

When I met them at their hotel on the afternoon of their elopement I knew right away that this was going to be a SUPER fun day. We spent some time hanging out and getting to know each other while Geoff got dressed and then sent him outside for what was probably an agonizing wait for their first look! While Goeff hung out by the river, Meetal got into her dress and fancy shoes (which would later be swapped for hiking boots). They did their first look at a cute little spot by the river right in town and then we headed off to the ceremony!

We spent the next couple hours exploring the forests, waterfalls, and mountains while waiting for just the perfect moment. As the sun started to sink a bit in the sky Meetal looked at me and said “What about that spot over there? That’s speaking to me.” and we set up their blanket, got out the rings, and did the thing!! I couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the flowing water but I could tell that they were 100% in the moment and it sure LOOKED like a sweet little ceremony!

These guys have so many stories about random strangers helping them celebrate their love (including a drunk guy at a bar ON THEIR FIRST DATE who told them he could tell how in love they were – awkward!!). One of the best stories is about how they met a random guy at a wine tasting just 7 months into dating who told them that he had been married for 30 years and that he could tell that they were going to get married too someday. At the end of the night he gifted them a bottle of Prosecco and told them to open it on their wedding day. They hung on to that bottle for all those years, brought it along to Colorado, and we all celebrated with it after their ceremony as the sun sank behind the mountains.

By the time I dropped them back off at their hotel at the end of the night my cheeks were sore from smiling so much. It was an absolutely amazing day and I was so so happy to have been a part of their Colorado mountain elopement.

Here are some shots from their day – enjoy!

Thanks to the vendors who made their day so awesome!

Meetal’s Dress – Parker NY 

Meetal’s Hair + Makeup – Roots Hair Studio

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Adventure elopement photographers photo of bride and groom walking through mountains at misty Colorado elopement.



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