colorado jeep elopement in the mountains above telluride

How *NOT* to Hike for your Adventure Elopement

When I talk to couples about planning an adventure elopement one of the first things I ask is if they want to hike as part of their elopement and, if so, how far.

There is NO wrong answer to this question.

I’d say around half my couples want to put serious miles on their feet for their elopements while the others? Not so much. I TOTALLY get this. Maybe you don’t want to get sweaty. Maybe you’re worried about the altitude. Maybe you hike all the time and want to NOT hike for a chance (while still spending the day surrounded by some epic mountain scenery).

I talk a lot on my blog and Instagram (pssst … do you follow me on Instagram?) about the logistics of hiking elopements but today I’m going to talk about how NOT to hike for your elopement.

Just a side note before we get started! All of the photos in this post are from locations that we did *NOT* hike to. There may have been hiking incorporated in a different part of these days but these spots are 100% hike free.

  1. Rent a Jeep or RZR (or bring your own!)

Colorado is a big beautiful place with tons of backcountry that can be accessed only by a really long hike … or the use of a super capable vehicle. For the sake of simplicity I’m going to say Jeep here but really this could be anything from a truck to an ATV. Jeeps can be rented in many mountain towns and the roads you can take them on range from pretty easy for anyone to drive to really gnarly. RZRs are also really, REALLY fun ways to get out into the backcountry without having to work up a sweat.

colorado jeep elopement in the mountains above telluride
a jeep elopement in telluride colorado

2. Rent a bomb cabin (or yurt!) with a killer view and get cozy

If your idea of a perfect elopement day is more about chilling than hiking, you have plenty of options. Sites like AirBnB and VRBO have so many awesome places to stay, play, and get married that are way off the grid. Get ready at your cabin and say your vows, scope out a ceremony site, light a fire in the fireplace, and watch the stars right from your porch. No hiking needed.

a couple watches the sunset at the end of their colorado glamping elopement
a couple kissing on the front porch of Alta Lakes Observatory in Telluride after their elopement
a yurt elopement in the colorado mountains

3. Take a Gondola

There are many ways to get to the top of a mountain that don’t involve four wheels or your feet! A gondola ride can be a relaxing way to get to an epic location for your ceremony!

couple taking the gondola to the top of Telluride mountain for their elopement
couple eloping at San Sophia overlook in Telluride Colorado

Go for a Helicopter/Dog Sled/Canoe/Train/etc. Ride

There are tons of things you can do that are super fun and don’t require any hiking! This is a big day and if ever there was a time to splurge on doing something super awesome, this is it. Charter a helicopter. Hire some sled dogs (want to do this in Alaska? I’ve got your hookup!). Borrow a canoe. Get out and explore any way you want!

Make it a Mini Road Trip

Regardless of where you elope there are SO MANY places that are easy to get to from the nearest road or parking lot. One of my favorite things to do with my couples is spend a day exploring tons of spots that are super easy to access. The beauty of this is that it means you can hit lots of different locations without a ton of effort!

couple eloping in front of skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
couple elopeing at jokulsarlon iceland diamond beach

The truth about elopements is that there are as many ways to do them as there are reasons to elope. If you want to do a long hike? Awesome. Go for it. If you want to cozy up in a cabin somewhere? Sweet. Let’s make that happen. If you want to drive into the backcountry without breaking a sweat (except maybe from the sketchy roads …) we can do that. This is YOUR day. Do it your way!

Want more inspiration? Here are some elopements with no (or at least very minimal!) hiking:

Jordan + Isaiah in Colorado

Britney + Ryan in Colorado

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Stephanie + Alex in Iceland

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