Maybe you always knew you'd elope or maybe you got part way through the planning process and realized that a big fancy wedding wasn't for you. Either way, you made the decision to buck tradition and get married in a way that is true to you and who you are.

That's huge. And if you could see me right now you'd see that I was giving you a giant fist bump for making that decision.

As a destination elopement photographer my job is to help courageous couples get married in a way that is authentically them. Maybe that means spending a night camping under the stars at an alpine lake (that we hiked to) to say your vows the next morning. Maybe its a day spent exploring Iceland - hiking to waterfalls, eating hot dogs, and ending the day with beers under the Northern Lights. Maybe you get married in the mountains and celebrate with s'mores and a campfire. Maybe its exploring a snow covered meadow with your dogs and a handful of friends.

So ... you're eloping?

Whatever you have in mind, I'm in your corner. I'm here to help you plan, button you into your dress, be your best friend for the day ... and take all those photos along the way.

Some things you should know about me ...

+ Making sure you keep your dress pristine is NOT one of my priorities. Expect to get dirty.

+ If you bring your dog to your elopement you will probably end up with too many photos of your dog. I can't help myself!

+ If we're headed to a foreign country you'll probably get 500 extra texts from me that have nothing to withe photography. The wanderlust is strong with this one and I get a little excited ...

+ I love the cold and am down to hike in ANY weather. I'll bring you hand warmers and hot chocolate and it will probably be spiked with something delicious.

+ I think sunrise is the most magical time of day and will probably try to talk you into a sunrise elopement. You can say no and I won't be offended.

+ I'm NOT a photographer who just shows up and shoots. I believe the magic happens when I go deep with my people and we'll probably feel like pretty good friends by the end of this whole thing.

+ I'm kind of weird and if you're kind of weird too? We'll get along great.

Colorado elopements

I've lived in Colorado for over a decade and love showing my people around. Whether you want to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park or would rather go somewhere that no one has ever heard of, I'll help you plan your elopement ... and your vacation. 

I'm part photographer and part tour guide and I love showing people around the mountains I love so much!

destination elopements

As an avid traveler who is perpetually plagued by wanderlust, few things make me happier than helping my couples plan the destination elopement of their dreams.

I'll help you figure out the logistics, be your favorite travel buddy, and take all those epic photos along the way.

Adventure elopements

If your idea of an elopement involves leaving civilization WAY behind, I'm always down to come along. I'll help carry your dress, touch up your makeup in the middle of nowhere, and make sure you have the time of your life.

Think your idea is too crazy? Try me

What i shoot

packages + Pricing

All packages include detailed planning help to make your life as easy as possible. This includes but is not unlimited to customized location suggestions, vendor referrals, and planning assistance to help you make the most of your day and your photos.

All base packages include travel within two hours of Boulder, Colorado (generally includes Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, all of Summit County, and Vail). Reasonable travel rates may apply to farther locations. 

All day elopements + Intimate weddings

For all day elopements and weddings of any size. Full coverage of your day (from getting ready through reception) or hikes of up to 8 miles.

Includes: Up to 8 hours of continuous coverage, high-resolution digital images with printing rights, detailed location, timeline, and permitting assistance, online gallery and print shop.


half day elopements and intimate weddings

For adventurous elopements with hikes of up to 5 miles round trip or intimate weddings with up to 25 guests.

Includes: Up to 4 hours of continuous coverage, high-resolution digital images with printing rights, detailed location, timeline, and permitting assistance, online gallery and print shop.


mini elopements

For those who want to keep it short and sweet! Coverage of your ceremony and a portrait session at an easy to access location. 

Includes: Up to 2 hours of continuous coverage, high-resolution digital images with printing rights, detailed location, timeline, and permitting assistance, online gallery and print shop.


Yes! Not all of my couples are out climbing mountains every weekend (although some of them definitely are!). I work with people with all levels of experience in the outdoors and will help come up with a plan and location that match your comfort level! Many of my couples come to Colorado from out of state and just want an awesome experience in nature - and that's totally ok!

My destination elopement packages include ALL of my travel costs to your location *anywhere in the world*. I handle all of my own travel arrangements so you don't have to worry (you've got enough going on!). Just tell me where you want to go and I'll meet you there!

We're not *that* outdoorsy. Is that ok?

Will you travel for our wedding or elopement? How does that work?

We don't know where or when we want to elope yet. Should we still contact you?

Yes!! Detailed elopement planning is one of the services that I provide for my couples. Don't know exactly what you want to do? Perfect! I'll help.

From making location suggestions to helping you figure out the best time of year to elope in a certain location, I use my vast experience as a photographer, traveler, and all around adventurer to help you get it all figured out!

All you need to book is a date (I can help you decide that!) and general location (i.e. Colorado or Iceland ...) and we'll get you on my calendar and the planning can begin!


It varies widely depending on the time of year you're considering. I've booked elopements as far as 15 months out and as close as a couple days. If you have your heart set on a popular summer weekend I'd encourage you to get in touch ASAP but if you're flexible with your dates I can often squeeze you in. Most of my couples book 3-6 months out.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Yes! While I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings I understand that for various reasons they're not an option for everyone. I believe that even if you're having a "regular" wedding, it can still have that same personal, laid-back vibe that makes elopements so wonderful - and that you deserve a photographer who "gets" it. If you're planning a larger wedding inspired by nature and dig my work, please get in touch.

we really want to elope but just can't. Do you shoot "regular" weddings too?


Any half or full day package + $1000 for Iceland or $1200 for any other international destination

Planning an elopement in a foreign country can be daunting but I will help you every step of the way! As an avid explorer I LOVE helping my couples come up with crazy ideas in far off places to make their elopement dreams come true!


Epic Elopement locations

How to make it feel extra special

Iceland elopement tips

Elopement resources

Lets start planning your best day ever!

It all starts here. Tell me all about yourselves and what you have in mind. I can't wait to meet you and plan something amazing! 

All rights reserved  |  Images by Jen Dziuvenis
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