If you've thought about eloping but in the end decided that don't want to (or for some reason can't), I get it. The good news? You can still bring that same outdoorsy, laid-back vibe to your Colorado wedding!

Whether you're getting married at a cabin in the woods, somewhere out in nature, or at a more traditional wedding venue, I'll come along, keep things chill, not be a weird SUPER-INTO-WEDDINGS person (we all know those people, right?!), and capture all the people, places, and moments that make your day special.

I help a lot of couples who wanted to elope but just really couldn't swing it figure out how to have a day that includes all of their most important people - but is still truly them. From helping them plan their outside-the-box (and off-the-grid) wedding to figuring out how to bring a little adventure to the day, I'm on your team to help you have the non-traditional wedding day of YOUR dreams!

Wedding photography for non-wedding people.

Let's talk about your wedding!

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relaxed, laid-back, and fun.

i believe your wedding should be .... 

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about you and the people and places you love

i believe your wedding should be .... 

Yes you *can* do that at your wedding.

The wedding world is full of so many rules for what you can do, can't do, and MUST do. There is so much pressure to have the "perfect" day done the "perfect" way - all according to someone else's rule book.

Let's throw that rule book off a cliff (and then go find it and recycle it because Leave No Trace, y'all!).

Wear snowboots or Chacos to your wedding. Have your dog as the flower girl. Skip out for a few hours and go for a hike. Hire a beverage burro to deliver drinks to your guests. Do a whiskey blending during your ceremony. End the night around a bonfire. 

If you want to do things a different way, I'm here to be your enabler, tell you its absolutely ok, and help you figure out how to make all your crazy ideas come true.

Its your wedding. Do it your way!

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