Elopements are becoming more popular every year and there are lots of good reasons for it. Couples are realizing that they have a CHOICE in how they celebrate their wedding day - and they're choosing to do things in a way that is intentional and personal to them and who they are. There are a lot of reasons my couples elope - some don't want to spend all that money (the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is well north of $30,000!), some hate being the center of attention, and some just want to do this thing in a super personal way. 

The couples I work with have typically decided that a big wedding just wasn't for them and that they'd rather do this thing in nature with a few their closest people (or just a really good dog). I help them through the whole process. 

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Elopement planning

Most of my couples come to me with a vague idea of what they want - but don't really know how to pull it off. You've probably never done this before but trust me when I say that I've been a part of a few of these!

I'll help you figure out how, when, and where to do this thing and help you every step of the way. 

elopement Location scouting

Most of my couples come to me with a vague idea of where they want to elope but need a lot of help figuring out exactly where they want to go.

I'm a little bit obsessed with maps and love helping my couples find their perfect elopement location. Coming up with unique, off the beaten path spots is one of the ways I help my clients have the day of their dreams!

Elopement Photography

Capturing your elopement in a way that is authentic to you and who you are is incredibly important to me. My job is to make sure that you're having a hell of a good time on your elopement day - and capture all those incredible moments along the way. 

I put a huge priority on capturing candid moments, authentic interactions, and big landscapes! 

I do more than just take pictures!

Absolutely! Helping my couples figure out the logistics of planning their dream elopement is one of the things I do. From suggesting off the beaten path locations to helping navigate permit requirements, I'm here to give you all the help you need to do this thing right!

Yes! Not all of my couples are out climbing mountains every weekend (although some of them definitely are!). I work with people with all levels of experience in the outdoors and will help come up with a plan and location that match your comfort level! Many of my couples come to Colorado from out of state and just want an awesome experience in nature - and that's totally ok!

we have no idea what we're doing. Can you help?!

We're not *that* outdoorsy. Is that ok?

We're super awkward ... 

Pretty much every single couple I work with has told me that they're awkward in front of the camera and ... and then they end up looking (and, more importantly, feeling) like rockstars on their elopement day. My job is to help get comfortable so that the photos look and feel super natural. Everything I do is based around authenticity - as long as you know how to be you (which I think you've had some practice at!) you'll be just fine. 

Every single one of the couples you see on this website are real people who I photographed in real life. They're not models or styled photoshoots. They're people just like you who thought they'd be super awkward too. 

HECK YES! Few things get my creative juices flowing like photographing fun couples in incredible places. I've shot elopements from Iceland to Alaska and LOVE helping couples explore some of the coolest places on the planet. Destination packages include *all* of my travel costs and I make all of my own arrangements. Tell me where you want to go and I'll meet you there!

Absolutely! Adventure elopements are my specialty and there are few places I won't go for my couples! As "adventure elopements" have become super trendy many photographers are promising things that they may not be able to deliver. Trust me when I say that it was a love of adventure that got me into this! I've climbed 15+ of Colorado's 14,000 foot mountains, raced pack burros, mountain biked some of the best trails in the west, and traveled the world in search of adventure. Whatever crazy thing you can dream up, I'd love to photograph!

I sure did. Lets just say that I've spent a LOT of time with some real asses. Its a story better told over beers at your consultation ... 

do you travel?

will you climb a mountain/camp overnight/etc. with us?

Did you just say you raced pack burros?

Sounds awesome. What's next?!

Fill out the form below! I want to hear all about you and what you're planning for your big day. Its super important to me that my couples are a GREAT fit so the more you can tell me the better! We'll set up a time to chat and if we decide that we're a perfect match a 50% retainer is all it takes to reserve your date.

Note: I offer extensive planning help (including all of my super secret Colorado locations) to my couples once they are booked and it is not at all uncommon for couples to book me before they have a location nailed down. You don't have to have everything figured out - you just need to know you want to do this. We'll go from there. :)


Lets do this!

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