The laughter and tears. The way the wind felt when it whipped through your hair and how your person smiled when you said your vows. 

This isn't about stiff poses or all the things you're supposed to "be". Its about the two of you doing the thing, making it official, and capturing it all as it went down so you can relive these moments for years to come.

lets focus on what matters.


Whether its a pull-off on the side of a mountain road or a black sand beach in a far away place, I'll help you find somewhere epic.

i believe nature is the best wedding venue.


The photos should tell the story of your day, not BE the story of your day. I want you to have an unforgettable experience and for the photos to be the best souvenir ever.

I believe  that this day isn't just about  photos.


This day shouldn't feel rushed and stressed. I believe in taking it slow, savoring the little moments, and having a good time with your people (or just your person and your dog!).

I believe in taking it slow.


We're creating a legacy, not Instagram likes. This is an experience that you and your family should be able to enjoy for years to come!

I believe  your photos should be printed.

Over the years I've driven and flown thousands of miles and helping dozens of couples have their best days. 

Here are some numbers I'm especially proud of ...

dogs who have watched their people get married

(I've lot count. Its a bunch!)

Cheesy poses

bottles of champagne i've popped with my couples in beautiful places




(you're welcome!)

by the numbers

Savannah + Dylan

"I honestly don’t even have words for how incredible she is."


Alexander + Lauren

"We spent well over half our wedding budget on Jen. It was worth every penny."


Steph + Alex

"Jen couldn't have been more perfect for our Iceland elopement"



Intimate wedding + Elopement Packages + pricing

Colorado intimate wedding packages begin at $2500.

Colorado elopement packages begin at $3700.

Want to go abroad? I photograph a very limited number of destination elopements and weddings each year and am happy to put together a custom package just for you!

Why should we consider an all day elopement?

One of the number one things that my couples tell me is that they want to be able to take the time to enjoy their day, not feel rushed, and feel like their day is TRULY about them. Far from being a long, staged, photoshoot, an all day elopement lets you spend the day exploring, enjoying the beautiful place you're in, and taking things at a relaxed pace. This isn't about saying your vows and having portraits taken - its about having a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. What better way to begin a marriage than with a grand adventure?!


We are an LGBTQ couple. Will you photograph our intimate wedding or elopement?

I can't even believe I have to answer these questions in 2019.

I proudly photograph ALL couples regardless of their age, size, gender, or sexual orientation.

If you're awesome humans planning a kick ass wedding or elopement somewhere wild? I want to work with you.


What do you consider an intimate wedding? Do you photograph larger weddings?

"Intimate" to me is more about a feeling than a number but, in general the vast majority of the weddings + elopements I photograph have 0 to 50 guests. If you're having a larger wedding that still had a laid-back vibe, I'd still love to chat to see if we're a great fit.

It doesn't matter to me how big your wedding is - what matters is the intentionality you put behind it.  


Will you hike a mountain/camp/backpack/kayak/snowshoe/ski with us?

HECK YES. I was an outdoor photographer long before I ever considered photographing weddings. I feel most at home in the backcountry!

If you want someone who will venture off the grid with you in any kind of weather, I'm your girl. 


Will you help us plan our intimate wedding or elopement?

YES! Detailed planning is one of the things I do for my couples once they are booked. I have a loooooong list of super secret spots in Colorado that I share with my couples to help them find the perfect place.

Thinking of going international? Awesome. I have SO many ideas on places that would make epic elopement locations! (Here are a few: Patagonia, Lofoten Islands, Faroe Islands, Azores, Croatia, the Alps ...)


Can we bring our dog?

Yes, but you will end up with way too many photos of it.

And I'll probably try to steal it.


Colorado elopement

Malynda + tony


intimate colorado wedding

kat + Ashton


Colorado elopement

Wendy + Jeff


Need some inspiration?

Picking my favorite elopement or wedding is a bit like trying to pick my favorite dog which is to say that its pretty much impossible.

Having said that, here are a few that I'm extra proud of.

You can also reach me directly at hello@jendzphotography.com or 303-956-0716

If everything you've seen here makes me think I might just be the person to spend your biggest day with you and capture how it all goes down, shoot me a message!

I want to hear all about the two of you and what you're planning! I do a little happy dance every time one of these comes in so please don't be shy.

I can't wait to meet you and plan your best day ever together!

Your adventure begins here!


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