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Grab your favorite beverage (I'll have an IPA), kick off your boots, and have a look around. 


A Look Back at 2019

Holy guacamole you guys! I don’t know how it happened but today is the last day of a DECADE. That seems big, right? I always mean to do one of these end of year posts … and always seem to forget. But this year, with the calendar flipping over in a big way, I thought […]


Six Things You DON’T Need for your Wedding

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across an article titled 6 Pairs of Shoes Every Bride Needs or something to that effect. I clicked on the article because I am apparently a glutton for punishment and immediately felt my blood pressure start to rise. Bridal shower shoes … ceremony shoes […]



Laura + Katie’s Snowy Mountain Elopement

Laura and Katie live in Arizona but have a deep love for all things mountain. When they first contacted me about photographing their elopement they told me that they are obsessed with skiing and travel and didn’t know EXACTLY what they wanted for their day but knew that they wanted it to be a super […]


Madi + Taylor’s Colorado Hiking Elopement

When Madi and Taylor first reached out about maybe working together for their Colorado hiking elopement they told me they knew that a big traditional wedding wasn’t for them and that they wanted a day that was relaxed, adventurous and super fun. This day was all of that and SO much more!! They knew they’d […]


Meetal + Geoff’s Colorado Mountain Elopement

Meetal and Geoff knew that a big wedding wasn’t the thing for them but … but that a Colorado mountain elopement would be the perfect fit! When they first contacted me about their elopement they knew they wanted to have an adventure in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, have a super laid-back day, and get married […]


Emily + Spencer’s Intimate Boulder Wedding

Emily and Spencer live in the midwest but knew they wanted to get married in one of their favorite places – Chautauqua Park at the base of the famous Flatirons in Boulder. They told me they never saw themselves having a big traditional wedding and that they were looking for a Boulder wedding photographer who […]


10 Questions About Adventure Elopements Answered!

As adventure elopements are becoming more popular more and more people seem …. confused … about them. And I TOTALLY get that. The definition of what it means to “elope” has shifted considerably over the last few years. Eloping used to mean running off at the last minute to get married at the courthouse or […]


Kortney + Ben’s Telluride Adventure Wedding

As someone who shoots tons of destination weddings in remote places I always joke that the best way to tell if your people REALLY love you is by making your wedding an adventure to get to. NEVER has that been more true than with Kortney and Ben’s Telluride adventure wedding. Ben and Kortney moved to […]


Alexa + Ryan’s Intimate Colorado Wedding

When Alexa and Ryan first contacted me about photographing their intimate mountain wedding in Colorado they didn’t know exactly where they wanted to go but they knew they wanted big mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and pine trees. I told them not to worry, I had just the place! I spent several months stalking them and their […]


Beth + Joe’s Colorado Hiking Elopement

Beth and Joe are criminology professors from St Louis who have been friends for over 20 years. They both LOVE the outdoors and the mountains so it only made sense for them to elope in the heart of the Rockies! I was SO stoked when they contacted me about working together for their Colorado hiking […]


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