Amanda + Jeffrey’s Winter Elopement in Colorado

A “spring” Elopement in Colorado

When Amanda and Jeffrey first contacted me about photographing their April elopement in the Colorado mountains they mentioned that spring seemed like a really good time to elope in Colorado. I think they were envisioning warm days, sunny skies, and melting snow. I had to break the bad news to them that spring is actually our snowiest season in the mountains and that an April day COULD be sunny and warm …. or a massive blizzard. They decided they were down for whatever mother nature would throw their way so an April WINTER Colorado elopement it was! Jeffrey’s family has a cabin in Grand County and he’s been coming out here for a long time. Since the area is so special to him they decided it would be the perfect place to get married. After tossing around some ideas we decided that Berthoud Pass would be a good spot … as long as the good weather held. We had actually had some really mild temperatures the week before their elopement but as the day drew nearer the weather forecast started to change. 8-15 inches of snow was predicted in the mountains on their elopement day! Its been an absolutely crazy year in our mountains snow-wise with numerous avalanches falling onto major highways … and closing them for days. I’ve had a bunch of winter weddings and elopements this year and have been pretty dang lucky as far as weather goes. I was SO nervous that this LAST “winter” elopement for the season would be when my luck would run out … and that closures to I-70 or Berthoud Pass would mean I couldn’t get up there (without going WAY out of my way).

Last Minute Change of Plans …

Since I had the day before their elopement off I decided not to test my luck and head up a bit early. I booked myself a cheap hotel in Winter Park and texted these guys asking if they wanted to meet up for drinks or dinner since I’d be up there and we hadn’t gotten to meet in person yet. I’m SO glad I did!! We spent the evening before their elopement drinking whiskey drinks and polishing off plates of Brussels sprouts (Amanda and I were clearly destined to be friends because she loves Brussels sprouts as much as I do!). It was so much fun getting to hang with them before their big day! With the oncoming snow the top of the pass was totally socked in (I grabbed the shots below just as the storm was starting to hit) and visibility had dropped to zero … so we needed to make a quick change of plans. I spent my morning scouting and found an awesome spot for them down by one of our FAVORITE summer camping areas that would get them out of the dumping snow (while still being very much IN it!), give them some beautiful mountain views, and keep them away from any and all crowds. It ended up being perfect! I met up with them at their cabin that morning while the amazing Kim J finished making them look awesome and then it was off to do their first look, get them all married up, drink some wine by the creek, and spend an incredible afternoon celebrating the fact that they were married!! The snow was SO deep and soft down by the creek that even with snowshoes on we were postholing up to our waists. These guys were SUCH troopers and Amanda kept saying that she felt like a little kid playing in the snow (right there with you, girl!).

Here are some photos from Colorado winter elopement (that technically happened in Spring). Enjoy!

  winter elopement in the colorado mountains         (This picture above? I thought they were taking a selfie and then realized I got punk’d! I laughed SO HARD when I came across this while I was editing, you guys!!) After their elopement I packed up and drove home in a blizzard with a cold wet butt and a very happy heart! Big thanks to Jeffrey and Amanda for being so freaking awesome and braving the crazy weather that was thrown our way at their Colorado winter elopement!   P.S. Ever wondered what these days look like in “real life”? Here are a few iPhone shots of all the shenanigans!        

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