Adventure Elopement Photographer

You're probably not eloping because you want to follow a formula, right? No big box, cookie-cutter elopements here! I help my couples craft an elopement experience that is 100% authentic to them. Together we'll dream up a day that is beyond your wildest dreams!

Were you so freaking stoked to get engaged only to have your heart sink a little when you realized that now you had to ... plan a wedding?

 Maybe you're not really a wedding person or you hate being the center of attention or you'd rather spend ALL THAT MONEY on something more important (like a house or a badass honeymoon in a dream location).

Sound familiar? I've got you! I've helped dozens of couples just like you have the best day of their lives in my favorite place on earth!

Whether you want to say your vows in a beautiful spot and then hit every brewery in town (don't worry, I'll drive!) or rent pack llamas and hike deep into the backcountry (please someone do this!) for an epic adventure, I'll guide you through the process and capture all the moments along the way!

As an adventure elopement photographer, here's how I help you have your best day ever:

Location Suggestions

Whether you're relying on my 14 years of exploring Colorado or my neverending drive to find new places around the globe, I'll guide you to your perfect spot!

I believe that most of the best places to elope are off the beaten path. They're the kind of places known only to locals (and obsessive researchers like me!). We'll think outside the box (and off the grid!) to find a place that's better than you ever imagined!


Elopement Planning

This is where it gets really fun! Together we'll take a deep dive into the kind of activities that would make your day PERFECT and figure out how to make it happen!

From hiking a mountain to helicoptering out to a glacier to spending the day sampling Colorado's finest brews, we'll plan a day around the things that you love to do (or want to splurge on for this giant day!). Don't know WHAT you want to do? Don't worry, I have plenty of ideas and I can't wait to share them ALL with you!

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Timeless Photos to Remember it All!

No stiff, stuffy poses here. My job is to represent the two of you as you are and the place where you got married (in the best light possible!)

My approach to elopement photography is simple - I want to document the day in an honest way. That means capturing who the two of you are and how it all went down with a heaping dose of Mother Nature thrown in. We're going to focus on what matters.



Love is love

I can't believe this needs to be said in 2021: I work with ALL humans regardless of who you are, what you look like, or who you love. Period.

Leave no trace

We are visitors in these places and it's our job to care for them. I follow all LNT rules in the backcountry.

Protect our Winters

Your elopement supports the fight against climate change. For every elopement booked, I donate to POW

Jeff + Wendy

eloped in Estes Park

"Jen was absolutely wonderful in every way. Our elopement was fabulous because of her.

 Her photos on her website are why we picked her but we ended up getting so much more. She was an instant friend to us. She was super easy and fun to be around. It was just the three of us trekking up the mountains with Champagne. Trust me and choose Jen!!!"

Justin + Maria

eloped in iceland

"Absolutely amazing! Jen will literally walk through a river or risk having her gear swept out to sea in order to make your day special. 

Her photos are absolutely stunning, but more importantly she will ensure that you have the best day of your life. We were having so much fun on our hike that we forgot that we were being photographed! 

Lauren + Alexander

got married in Colorado

"Hiring Jen was the best decision I made around our wedding.

 We are not wedding people (“I really want to be married, I just don’t want to have a wedding!”), but if you’re going to do ANYTHING to mark the occasion photography is a great choice. It isn’t inexpensive (real talk: we spent well over half our budget on Jen), but it really did feel like we commissioned an incredible and personalized work of art from a great artist. It was worth every penny." ~

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