Adventure elopements + intimate weddings in Colorado + Destinations worldwide

Things are a little different around here.

No stiff poses. No stuffy ballrooms. No expectations or traditions that kind of make you cringe. No generic big box elopement packages that STILL don't really feel like YOU. 

Take everything you think you know about what it means to get married - the stress, the planning, the feeling that you're putting on a show for everyone else - and throw it off a cliff (that you might end up saying your vows on!). We're going to make this easy, awesome, unforgettable, and completely you.

Hey! I'm Jen.


On any given day you can find me out mountain biking, hiking with my dogs, camping with my family, trying to catch trout on a fly, traveling around in a camper van named Patricia, or parked in front of the computer scheming up adventures at home and abroad.

The best thing about my passion for exploration and travel?

I have a long list of crazy ass ideas to help you have the best day of your life. From wild locations to epic experiences, I know we can plan something epic together!

ANd I'm hell bent on helping you have the best damn day of your life in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I never really much cared for weddings.

My god, how did I get here?!

When my husband and best adventure buddy and I got engaged in 2007 I remember being so excited to be married to my best friend ... but so dreading planning a wedding.

See, I never fancied myself much of a big wedding person and I never felt at home in that world. All I wanted to do was marry my person in a way that felt true to US, in a place that we loved, and with our dogs in tow (obviously)! The rest of it? It never felt like me.

If you feel like the wedding world is just not for you. If you feel like you'd rather spend the money on the things that truly matter to you. If you would rather your day feel like a reflection of your love, not everyone else's expectations ... I feel you. I AM you. And I'm here to help you have the best damn day ever.


I believe ... 

5000 star hotels are better than 5 star hotels


I believe ... 

getting outside is always the answer.


I believe ... 

Where you get married is part of the story


I believe ... 

dog people are the best kind of people.

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