I'm not really your typical wedding photographer ...

This is the place in every photographer's website where they tell that photography has always been their passion and how much they "LOVE love!". They tell you that they've always loved weddings and had the best time planning their own. 

I'm not going to do that. Because that's not my story.

When we were planning our wedding ten years ago I remember feeling really out of place in that world. While I was super excited to be marrying my person, I hadn't spent my whole life dreaming of that day and I didn't really care about the pomp and circumstance surrounding it.

I wanted to talk about the mountains we were climbing, the trails we were riding, and the adventures we were having - not what color my bridesmaids were going to wear or who was going to sit where at the reception. I wasn't comfortable being put in the box of "bride" and all the expectations that went with it.

I picked up my first camera as a way to document our adventures. I took pictures of mountains and dogs and people doing rad things in the outdoors. Photographing weddings was never on my radar. 

Then I got talked into photographing a wedding for a friend and I realized that there was a place for someone like me in this world. And that there are plenty of people out there who were a lot like me - people who cared a lot more about having a great time with their people (or just that one person) than they cared about the fuss - and that those people deserved badass photos too.

And here we are. I'm living a dream that I never knew I had and getting to help some of the most incredible humans along the way. 

Hey. I'm Jen.

I'm a Colorado-based wedding and adventure elopement photographer.

When I'm not chasing my couples around with a camera you can find me hiking, mountain biking, trail running, standup paddleboarding, fly fishing, obsessively planning my next adventure.

I share my wild little life with my husband, our six year old son, two crazy rescue dogs, three chickens, and a ball python named Chocolate Milk.

I like my coffee dark, my beer hoppy, and my trails long, winding, and rugged. 

Weddings aren't my passion. People are.





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Things you should probably know ...

I think Thousand star hotels are way better than five star hotels.

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Few things make me happier than being outside and I'll take travels to far flung and wild places over a stay in a swanky resort any day. Whether I'm hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, or sleeping under the stars with my family, being in nature is where I'm happiest.

Things you should probably know ...

I'm a product of the outdoor world. Not the wedding world.

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I was into the outdoors before I was into photography and into adventure photography before I ever considered shooting weddings. Being a wedding photographer was the last thing I saw myself doing and I never thought I'd know this much about the industry! I know enough about weddings to help my couples out but I'm still firmly rooted in the adventure photography world. 

Things you should probably know ...

Seeing the northern lights for the first time made me cry.

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Seeing the aurora was the #1 thing on my bucket list for most of my life and I had BIG plans for the photos I was going to take when I finally saw them. But instead of making magic with my camera I say down in that dark, cold parking lot and cried. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and as much as I wish I had gotten those killer shots I'm so happy I was able to just soak in that moment. 

Things you should probably know ...

This little dude is my favorite adventure buddy.

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I NEVER wanted a kid until one day in my early thirties I realized I really wanted a kid. Now I can't imagine live without him.

Watching him grow and explore had been one of the best things that ever happened to me. I never thought I'd have as much fun riding easy trails in the desert with him as I have on my own adventures but watching him tear up a trail while yelling "I LOVE SLICKROCK!!!" is pretty much the best thing ever.

All rights reserved  |  Images by Jen Dziuvenis
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