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I have something super fun for y’all today! A few weeks ago I was hanging out in Olympic National Park, recovering from the previous day’s shoot (and itching to pick up my camera – I can’t help it! I’m a photographer at heart!) when these two came walking into my life and we had a little impromptu adventure session right then and there! Read on to hear the story and get some Ruby Beach elopement inspiration!

How it All Happened

The day after photographing Mary and Joe’s North Cascades elopement I made my way over to the Olympic Peninsula to do some scouting for upcoming shoots. My plans mostly involved hanging out on the beach, drinking some wine, and marking some locations for future Olympic National Park elopements.

Old habits die hard, however, and despite my commitment to NOT picking up a camera that day, that beautiful beach scenery and the moody weather that rolled in while I was there was killing me. I found myself wishing like hell that I had some folks in front of my camera!

As I’m having these thoughts, a cute couple came wandering up the beach. They had absolutely NO idea I was a photographer when they asked if I would mind taking a picture of them with their phone. That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head and I told them I could do way better than that! 😉

I told them I was a photographer and asked how they felt about a little impromptu photo shoot. They mentioned that they had nicer clothes in the car and asked if they could go change – it was game on! While they changed out of their hiking clothes I grabbed my gear out of the van.

Then we went down to the beach and made magic!

Ruby Beach Elopement Inspiration

Having been to a lot of the beaches in the Pacific Northwest, Ruby Beach is one of the most idyllic for an elopement. It feels remote and wild with big rock formations, crashing waves, moody views … and a tiny fraction of the crowds at Oregon’s famous Canon Beach.

The BEST thing about eloping at Ruby Beach? You have all of the wildly beautiful Olympic National Park right at your finger tips! From the big mountains at Hurricane Ridge to the peaceful Hoh Rainforest which is SUPER nearby, this is a place where you could get a lot of different types of landscapes all in one incredible day.

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