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Well, that’s pretty rad! I’m so stoked to have one of my images (and the story behind it!) featured by the folks over at Martha Stewart Weddings. I love that adventure wedding photography is becoming more and more common and that more couples are ditching the fancy weddings and doing something that speaks to them and who they are! I get asked about this photo a lot and it was super fun to get to tell the story to a much broader audience!


The question I get asked about the most when it comes to this photo is … HOW did you get her in that water?! Like I had to talk her into it. Anyone who asks that question obviously doesn’t know Stephanie (or her man Alex!).

That woman right there is an all around bad ass. She hikes. She skis. She hunts. She races biathlons. And she loves the cold as much as I do. Getting in that water? It was 100% HER idea. She was afraid that *I* would say no (which … no!). So we explored the beach for a bit and then just went for it.

It was cold. It was wet. It was worth it,

Here are a few more shots from our little adventure in Jokulsarlon!

It was so much fun being featured – especially alongside so many of my awesome adventure elopement photographer friends! Big thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings for asking me to tell this story and bigger thanks to Steph and Alex for being such troopers!

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Steph + Alex in Iceland


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