Family Camping in Fruita Colorado -

Family Camping in Fruita Colorado

Jun 12

If you should know one thing about this little family its that we loooooove camping. And we especially love camping in Fruita.

A few weeks ago we set off for what would be our second camping trip of the season. We hemmed and hawed about where to go (having just been in Fruita a few weeks ago) but late season snow kept us out of the mountains and a rainy weekend just about everywhere sent us back to the desert. Please believe, I wasn’t complaining!

This time we set up camp out at Rabbit Valley, which is my favorite place to camp in Fruita. We typically avoid campgrounds like the plague (dispersed camping always wins for me!) but I kind of love this campground. It was surprisingly quiet out there considering it was Memorial Day weekend and we had much of the place to ourselves – which is a total score in my book!

Our weekend consisted of a bunch of campfires, some early morning walks with the dogs, riding one of my favorite mountain biking trails in Colorado (Western Rim – no pics because I left the heavy cameras back at the campsite), riding Trail 2 over and over with homeboy, and one unfortunate trip to the doggie ER when Cash (the one with the ears) had an allergic reaction to … something. He got some steroids and is was feeling better in no time.

Some of the best things about this trip were the clear skies and perfect opportunity to shoot the Milky Way. I’ve been trying to get decent Milky Way shots for a couple years now but the weather and never really cooperated. You have to have very clear, very dark skies to get good Milky Way photos and that had never seemed to happen at the right time for me to be able to get out and shoot.

The second night of this trip one of the dogs woke me up at 3 a.m. needing to get out. I opened up the tent door and saw the Milky Way blazing across the sky. I may have muttered a few expletives because I was nice and warm in my sleeping bag but there was NO way I was passing this up! I got up and played around for a few hours and went back to bed. The next night? That night I was ready. I kept the fire going as the sky turned dark and watched the Milky Way rise over the horizon and shot away. There may have been whiskey involved. I was pretty much in heaven.

Anyway, that’s enough talking! Here are some photos from the trip! My husband stole my camera for a while so there’s actually a few photos of yours truly in here. And lots of pictures of dogs, obviously. Scroll allllllll the way to the bottom for some advice on what to do in Fruita from someone who goes there an awful lot!


What to do in Fruita:

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Fruita:

This is obviously a bit subjective but these are my favorites:

  • 18 Road: Joe’s Ridge, Kessel Run (awesome for kids!), Chutes and Ladders, PBR. (Yes, I know everyone loves Zippity but those steeps are to steep for me)
  • Kokopelli’s: Mary’s Loop & Horsethief Bench.
  • Rabbit Valley: Western Rim (over and over again)

Best Places to Eat in Fruita:

  • Hot Tomato – This is where everyone goes after riding. Great pizza and a big selection of New Belgium beers. Be careful, they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays!
  • Camilla’s Cafe – Awesome breakfasts, good coffee, amazing pie.
  • Aspen Street Coffee – Great food. Their breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and nitro cold brew are on point!

Things to do with Kids in Fruita:

  • Mountain bike – I mean, this is obvious right? Fruita has great beginner mountain biking. My four year old loves Kessel Run (18 Road), Trail 2 (Rabbit Valley), and Rustler’s Loop (Kokopelli)
  • Visit the Dinosaur Museum
  • Hike Dino Hill
  • Rec Center – if its too hot or cold to do any of the above, the rec center is awesome and has a great pool. 🙂



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